#AndroidDevSummit ’18, AI Hub & Kubeflow Pipelines for businesses, Cloud Scheduler, & more!

The Google Developers Show → Episode TL;DR 135

#AndroidDevSummit → http://bit.ly/2K897LI
AI Hub and Kubeflow Pipelines → http://bit.ly/2zVSv58
Cloud Scheduler → http://bit.ly/2zVSLkC
Containerd in Google Kubernetes Engine → http://bit.ly/2Fsjawr
2018 Go User Survey → http://bit.ly/2DKx0bU

The Google Developer Show brings you the latest developer news from across Google. Your host for this week is Developer Advocate Jen Person (@ThatJenPerson). Expect a new Dev Show episode every week, and let us know what you think of the latest announcements in the comments below!

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