Apple and Verizon put 5G iPhones closer to the (enterprise) heart

With a new “5G Fleet Swap” scheme in association with Verizon Business, Apple is pushing the iPhone 12 hard for the U.S. enterprise market, as both partners rapidly build mind-share as enterprises worldwide explore the transformative potential of 5G networks.

iPhones at the center of future business?

Regular readers recognize modern enterprise tech isn’t truly about personal computers in the conventional sense, but relies on a mesh of different smart, connected systems and devices. Most of the big players in global enterprise mobility – Verizon Business, BT and Orange Business Services are deeply aware of the connection between digital transformation and network access, which is why all are working furiously to build additional intelligence into their networks.

That’s what technologies such as network slicing and SD-WAN are all about, enabling networks to intelligently maintain business-critical SLAs across 5G, among other tasks.

I spoke with Vijay Paulrajan, executive director, devices at the Verizon Business Group, who stressed the importance of 5G, saying:

“Verizon 5G is the foundational infrastructure for 21st century innovation, and the powerful iPhone 12 lineup delivers an advanced 5G experience across the full breadth of Verizon’s 5G network. Combining the two to support enterprise can have a huge impact on industries from manufacturing and healthcare, to retail and even the future of the workplace.”

At the moment, however, the consumer play for 5G remains a little unproven, given the lack of access and services designed to exploit the standard (development of which Apple’s entrance into the sector will accelerate). So, for the present, 5G is all about the enterprise.

5G in the enterprise is evolving fast

There are plenty of cutting-edge technologies to illustrate the transformative potential of enterprise 5G, including:

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