Apple’s AR glasses and a future for ‘AppleCare’

As big tech takes chunks out of private healthcare, keep watching what Apple does in machine vision, as it may hint at plans to transform yet another industry: eye care.

Augmented reality, or real augmentation?

It’s always of interest when Apple introduces new platforms, as these usually help build new industries. So continued speculation around its plans for Apple AR glasses should be of interest to enterprises seeking new spaces in which to do business, or fresh approaches to their existing enterprise.

The latest speculation kind of confirms earlier reports, but also says Apple is plotting a path to introduce three different iterations of these devices.

The AR headset in 2022

Plans begin with an AR “mixed reality” headset, probably arriving in 2022. This should weigh around 5 ounces, give or a take a few, would cost around $1,000, and be designed to support AR and VR experiences. It will use Sony’s Micro-OLED displays and be designed to be an immersive experience; that would make it useful for enterprises seeking ways to distribute highly engaging branded content and/or virtual shopping/collaboration experiences.

AR Glasses in 2025

The headset may be followed by AR glasses designed to be worn everywhere — but not until 2025. These will apparently be designed to layer useful information on your surroundings to provide a truly augmented reality experience. This will be quite a big deal for indoor mapping, for retailers, and should be incredibly valuable in the health, manufacturing, engineering, and other industries in which overlays of useful information may help. 

These will likely have a huge impact on accessibility, particularly when used with voice assistants and AI. However, Apple will need to be able to deliver medical grade lenses in these glasses if it wants to appeal to all those potential customers who need spectacles to see what’s happening around them.

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