Asana adds new integrations to help connect distributed teams

Work management platform Asana has added new and extended integrations for Atlassian Jira (Server Edition), Microsoft Teams and Slack and boosted admin capabilities on its platform in a bid to help enterprise customers more effectively deploy and manage its software at scale.

The updates, announced earlier this week, come after Asana research earlier this year found that, on average, employees switch between 10 apps 25 times per day, leading to missed communications, reduced efficiency and duplication of work.

“It’s not good enough,” said Alex Hood, the company’s chief product officer.

Expanding the app ecosystem

Asana already provides customers with more than 200 integrations; the latest are designed to further link platforms. Asana for Atlassian Jira (Service Edition), for instance, builds on Asana’s current integration for Jira Cloud, allowing teams to create and link Jira issues from within Asana tasks and receive updates on open Jira issues — whether they’re working in the cloud or on-premise.

Asana for Microsoft Teams enables customers to create tasks directly within Teams. And the updated Slack integration ensures teams can share milestones, projects and portfolios unfurled in Slack channels, create and assign tasks from Slack messages, and adds support for Slack Enterprise Grid customers. (Enterprise Grid is designed for large businesses or those in highly regulated industries.)

Another new integration, Zoom for Asana, lets customers attach Zoom call transcripts to Asana tasks for quick reference or to give teammates further context. Zoom customers can also subscribe and receive notifications from Asana projects directly within Zoom chat channels

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