Audio apps with Oboe, London Next recap, Chrome 71 DevTools, & much more!

The Google Developers Show: Episode TL;DR 131

Introducing Oboe: C++ library for low latency audio →
Android Dev Summit 2018 on November 7-8 →
Google Cloud Next London →
Container-native load balancing on GKE →
Building a more reliable infrastructure with new Stackdriver tools and partners →
Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable updates →
Cloud Storage updates bring new replication options →
Accelerate with APIs: Apigee API monitoring, extensions and hosted targets now generally available →
Open Sourcing Active Question Reformulation with Reinforcement Learning →
What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 71) →
Flutter Live 2018 on December 4th →
Elevating user trust in our API ecosystem →
More granular Google Account permissions →

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