Flutter 1.0, Square Reader SDK, 2Dimensions Flare, & More! (Flutter Live Top 5 Recap)

Watch the Top 5 Highlights from Flutter’s 1.0 launch at Flutter Live! In this recap, Timothy Jordan walks you through announcements and updates from the event.

1. Flutter 1.0
Flutter is very much already in full swing, as you may already know. The primary focus of this release is bug fixes and stabilization, but it also includes a few new things like Dart 2.1 and previews for “Add to App” and “Platform Views”

2. Square SDKs for Flutter
Square is making it easy to accept payments for goods and services with Flutter both in-person with a Square payment reader, as well as from inside your mobile app.

3. 2Dimensions Flare
2Dimensions has launched Flare! It’s a tool that allows you to create vector animations that can be embedded into an existing Flutter app as a widget. It’s a really tight integration that supports ongoing collaboration between designers and developers throughout the build process.

4. Codemagic
With Codemagic (made by Nevercode) you can select a GitHub repo with a Flutter project and quickly create continuous build flows that runs tests and generate binary app bundles that you can upload to the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

5. Hummingbird
Hummingbird is an experimental web-based implementation of the Flutter runtime. With it, you can write your app in Dart and, in addition to compiling to native ARM code, you can also target JavaScript, which enables your Flutter code to run on the standards-based web.

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