How to boost your productivity with Safari for Mac

Apple recently improved its available developer tools and boosted app discoverability in order to encourage more Safari Extensions to be available to Mac users than before. This short collection of extensions may give your work or research productivity a useful boost.

What has Apple changed?

As introduced at WWDC 2020, Apple broadened the range of available Safari Extensions in macOS Big Sur, principally with the introduction of the WebExtension API and a new tool that helps developers quickly bring their existing extensions from Chrome, Firefox or Edge to Apple’s browser. This has led to a trickle of new extensions coming to the platform.

Discoverability is important when it comes to software. To help, Apple’s added a new extensions category to the Mac app store, including short stories and top download charts for both free and fee-based extensions. The idea being that extensions have been made easier to create and to publicize than they have been before.

These improvements were among a raft of enhancements to Safari, loosely based around speed, privacy and personalization.

How to install and use a Safari Extension

To explore and install extensions, either visit Safari>Safari Extensions in Safari’s Menu bar, or explore the Safari Extensions section within Categories at the Mac App Store. You can click to install these just as you do any Mac app – some also download an accompanying app, and some will require you to register in order to use the extension.

Enable and disable extensions in Safari Preferences and access them using the relevant extension icon, situated to the left of the Safari search bar.

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