Love Chrome shortcuts? Wait ’til you see this

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I love me some keyboard shortcuts. Anything that can save time and keep my man-fingers from having to move off my keyboard while I’m working (or allegedly working, as is often the case) can only be a good thing in my mind. And if using those invisible commands makes me look like the world’s dorkiest wizard to any unsuspecting bystanders, hey, all the better.

Well, my fellow efficiency-loving land-rover, grab your metaphorical wand — ’cause Google’s Chrome browser is on the brink of getting a seriously advanced new shortcut command system. It’s something called Commander, and — dare I say it — it might just have the potential to totally shake up the way you get around the web.

The new system is actually pretty similar in concept to the “command center” system popularized by the power-user-beloved (and powerfully pricey) Gmail app Superhuman. One of Superhuman’s key features, y’see, is the ability to hit Ctrl-K or Cmd-K from anywhere in your inbox. Doing so pulls up a prompt into which you can then type one or two letters to find and execute any command imaginable.

Chrome’s Commander interface is no different, really — except that it uses the key combo of Ctrl or Cmd and your spacebar to pull it up.

Once you press your greasy digits down on those keys, a simple-looking box appears atop whatever web page you’re viewing, ready to act as the spell-caster for your wizard-nerd magic. All you’ve gotta do is type in a letter — any letter — and hocus pocus: A list of available browser-related commands instantly pops up. The more letters you type, the more the list narrows itself down to help you find the specific spell you’re aiming to cast.


Now, it’s worth noting that lots of the commands involved are actually linked to existing Chrome shortcuts — ones you could pull up more directly with their own specific key sequences, like Ctrl-D for bookmarking a tab or Ctrl-Shift-T for reopening a recently closed tab.

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