The Poly Studio P15: Searching for a better home videoconferencing answer

Like many of my peers during the pandemic, I’ve been living off a Logitech Brio camera, which was considered the best in the market until recently.  The problem is that Logitech didn’t seem to understand how important this camera had become and refused to support it properly.  (It has driver issues with AMD-based PCs, the company won’t address them, the initial application support ended, and much of it doesn’t work anymore. 

Most other cameras on the market arrived before COVID-29 and were more designed for infrequent use when traveling — not for permanent use from a home office.  Yes, you can get conference room systems and adapt them for the home, but that is a wicked expensive path — and people don’t have conference rooms at home. 

Now, Poly has sent me its new P15 Studio P15 video bar, and it’s the best desktop home conferencing option I’ve tested so far. 

Let’s talk about how this technology will likely evolve.

The Poly Studio P15 in detail

The Poly Studio P15 looks like a miniature version of the camera system Poly brought out earlier for conference rooms.  It is about two-thirds as wide and has a mechanical lens cover rather than the removable one its conference room setup uses.  This makes it too small to put on a TV but too big for a laptop. It is perfect for a desktop monitor, though, and sits on top of my 49-in. Dell monitor nicely. (FYI: Dell is a client of mine)

Because it can be used as a USB hub, you can clean up some of the wiring behind your desk (which I need to do, it’s a mess back there). As for the mechanical lens cover, you twist the lens surround to close, offering peace of mind if you fear your PC has been hacked and some remote hacker wants to stare at you all day.  

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