Top 5 from the Firebase Summit 2018

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Mobile app developers from around the world gathered in Prague for the 2018 Firebase Summit. Timothy Jordan from #DevShow gives us the top 5 highlights from the event, including the latest features, and where Firebase is headed in 2019.

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Interested in learning more about the top 5 Firebase announcements at this year’s summit?

1. Deploying to Firebase Hosting from Glitch or StackBlitz
These are powerful web based IDEs. These integrations are based on the new Firebase Management API, which lets you create and manage Firebase APIs.
To learn more about Glitch, visit →
To learn more about StackBlitz, visit →

2. Enterprise-grade paid support
This helps large and complex enterprises get up to speed with Firebase. Learn all about it at →

3. Firebase Predictions is out of Beta
Predictions is now fully stable and available for production use. Predictions data (along with Firebase Cloud Messaging and A/B Testing data) can be exported to BigQuery. Firebase predictions applies machine learning (ML) to your app analytic data to predict user behavior. Learn more at →

4. Test Lab for iOS is also now generally available
Test Lab is crowd based app testing that works across Android and iOS. Nearly 100,000 successful tests have been run over the last several months. Learn more at →

5. ML Kit Face Contours API
Its now part of Firebase’s ML Kit, and is a more advanced version of the Face Detection API. It can now recognize more facial features, especially for photo filtering! Learn more at →

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